Pool Maintenance

Design &

A well built pool or water feature helps increasing the value of your home or real estate, and make it more attractive than ever.



Maintenance &

We concentrate our efforts in maintaining the chemical balance of the pool water, and removing  the unwanted dirt to ensuring a clean and clear swimming  pool.


& accessories

Moreover, we offer replacing your old pool set of accessories with new one.




Welcome to our company

BlueWater Swimming Pools and Water Features LLC has offered high-quality services of all types indoor and outdoor swimming pools construction and maintenance services since established in 2009. In its industry, and with its optimum credentials, bluewater has become one of the rapidest growing companies in the State of Qatar. Bluewater has developed the right experience and criteria to properly design, build, and maintain swimming pools water features, and spa equipment of the highest standard which will give you many years of pleasure.

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