Pool Maintenance

Spa Construction & Maintainance Service

The most important factor in spa pool care is to keep the water clean and disinfected at all times by the correct use of pool chemicals and good management  of the disinfection, filtration and recirculation system.


Water-Chemical treatment

Most pool owners have typical questions about their pool water problems and say things like "Why is my swimming pool always turns green with algae! "why do I see small frogspawn in my  pool "why are My eyes and nose burn when I swim and I can smell the chlorine,or " The swimming pool water is cloudy. How do I know if the water is safe for my kids


We in Bluewater know that most if not all pool problems are due to lack of chemical  water treatment, hence we have the answer through  the proper chemical treatment.


Repair & Refurbishment of swimming pools & Water features

Our set of services also includes the repair and refurbishment of swimming pools and water feature , including but not limited to reinstallation of peeled tiles, water proofing, replacement of damaged  parts, overall refurbishment of the mechanical system


Consultancy Services of Pools and  Water Features

You can always contact our team for any service of consultancy regarding your pool or water  feature. Our team will be happily providing the expertise level of advice to you.



When it comes to enriching the outside of your property or house, nothing  works better than landscaping and good-looking garden. We in Bluewater will  make sure that happens through our landscaping services including soft and hard Landscaping works.